Our Commitment to Service

“A commitment to service”

The Ocean Hearing care Advantage

  • 60 day trial period (no purchase obligation) on all products except Lyric (30 days)
  • Convenient access to high quality medical Otologic care when needed.
  • Access to complete diagnostic services.
  • Access to the state of the art technology in amplification and related products from the most respected manufacturers from around the world.
  • Regular follow up to assure maximum functional results.
  • Full technical support for all products we represent.
  • Assistance with all Warranty and repair services. (Both manufacturer and aftermarket)
  • Flexible hours- with special accommodation on request.
  • Access to the highest quality trained professionals devoted to providing you with the optimal hearing solution.
  • Custom ear plugs for musicians and swimmers.
  • Loop systems for home and public spaces.