Phonak Audeo V

Phonak Audéo V hearing aids are powered by the new chip technology from Venture, providing twice the processing power while reducing battery consumption. We introduce the next generation of technology automation: AutoSense OS.

  • Four models – new housings reinforced with high-tech composite materials for extra durability
  • Phonak Audéo V-10 model – our smallest RIC now comes with Binaural VoiceStream Technology™, compatibility to wireless accessories and a push button
  • AutoSense OS – the next generation of technology automation for a seamless adaption from one soundscape to another

Fitting Range

Phonak Audéo V is designed for mild to severe hearing losses.

Standard xReceiver

(xS)Power xReceiver (xP)

SuperPower (xSP plus)

Phonak Audéo V is tailored to not only manage the most challenging listening situations, but to also suit individual styles and preferences.

Programs, Features & Benefits

Phonak Audéo V is available in four performance levels (Premium – V90, Advanced – V70, Standard – V50, Essential – V30), and in three power levels (xS, xP and xSPplus). Tinnitus Balance noise generator in all models and performance levels.

  • AutoSense OS
  • Speech in Loud Noise
  • Speech in Wind
  • Speech in 360°