GN ReSound LiNX

ReSound LiNX uses a unique sound processing strategy we call Surround Sound by ReSound, which is designed to function exactly like the human ear. This technology includes:

Binaural Directionality: Hearing well in noisy situations
Directionality helps you understand speech in noisy situations by amplifying sounds you need to hear and reducing background noise. With binaural directionality, your hearing aids exchange data and work as a single system in order to reach dynamically to the sounds around you.
Binaural Environmental Optimizer II:
Staying comfortable in changing environments
As you move from place to place, your hearing aids automatically adjust the volume. Then Noise Tracker II sets the correct level
of noise reduction. Your hearing aids always adjust smoothly, so you get the superior audibility and comfort
DFS Ultra with Music Mode: Freedom from annoying whistling
Giving someone a hug or putting on a hat can result in annoying whistling known as feedback. Most hearing aids reduce volume so feedback doesn’t bother you, but then you can’t hear what you want to hear either. This feature prevents whistling, while maintaining the volume level you need to hear clearly. And, while other systems often mistake high tones in music for feedback, Music Mode give you back the pleasure of listening to music the way it was meant to sound.

ReSound LiNXTM is made to connect directly
to your iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®.* So
you can explore the endless possibilities of streaming telephone conversations, music and other kinds of high-quality sound directly to your hearing aids.